CNN, Squatty Potty, et al. to Kathy Griffin: ‘Your’re Fired!

CNN, Squatty Potty, et al. to Kathy Griffin: ‘Your’re Fired!

Kathy Griffin’s latest publicity stunt of the has been comedienne in photograph holding a waxed severed, bloody head of President Donald Trump is backfiring BIGLY.

Tyler Shields the photographer who worked with Griffin on the photo stunt told Fox News that Griffin wanted to create a bold message and since Progressives takes shots at the President, Griffin went for it.

Fox News

Shields added the image was meant to serve as art and he’s aware that it could make some viewers uncomfortable.

“That’s what art is meant to do,” he said. “Some people look at it and they love it. Some people look at it and they hate it… I understand there are going to be people that hate this. It’s a very touchy subject… but this is not real. We didn’t kill anybody nor do I feel anybody should be killed. It’s no different from a movie. It just happens to be a still image…”

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Aware that the photograph would provoke outrage, Griffin did not count on losing endorsements or CNN kicking her to the curb.

Obviously, CNN didn’t count on kicking Griffin to the curb either, at least, according to yesterday’s tweet.  See below:

“evaluating” meaning CNN was gaging the response to Griffin’s photograph which because of CNN’s half-hearted response sparked a massive outrage that sent CNN propagandists out to condemn Griffin’s disgusting photograph.


Griffin gets kicked to the curb and under the bus.

It is only after CNN’s initial response sparked outrage continued to grow across party lines unabated against Griffin and CNN that the termination of Kathy Griffin was announced.

Memorial Day —

Proving just how out of touch Hollywood is, twenty-four hours earlier, which happened to be Memorial Day, Griffin posted a tweet in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Griffin’s Memorial Day tweet rings hollow being that one day later, this Hollywood elitist posts a photo that is a slap in the face to our President, our nation and the men and women who serve.  What was she thinking?  Never mind.

Griffin issued an empty apology that was no doubt pre-scripted. She fooled no one.

Griffin’s insensitive and self-serving act crossed the line into terrorism when the President’s son, Barron, an eleven year old innocent child became horrified when the image flashed of a wax-like figure beheaded resembling his father popped up on the television screen.

The ISIS propaganda photo op was so horrific that it prompted a statement from President Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump.


Shortly after midnight, Squatty Potty issued the following press statement:

Squatty Potty recently enlisted celebrity comedian Kathy Griffin to star in a new ad campaign for the company, and in response to today’s events, CEO Bobby Edwards has issued the following statement:

“We were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today, it was deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for. In response, Squatty Potty has suspended its ad campaign featuring Ms. Griffin. We have acted swiftly and decisively to demonstrate our commitment to a culture of decency, civility, and tolerance.”


Route 66 Casino:


Anti-Trump goons do not like being upstaged….

Pastor Greg Locke has a message for Griffin (warning disgusting photo profiled during monologue.)

And the Secret Service.

Once a hypocrite, as Hollywood rolls, always a hypocrite.

See Allen B., article, “WHOA: We just found the picture of Kathy Griffin she doesn’t want ANYONE to see…

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