Tech CEOs Arrested for Defrauding H1-B Visa Program

Tech CEOs Arrested for Defrauding H1-B Visa Program

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Unsealed federal grand jury indictments name Jayavel Murugan, CEO of Dynasoft Synergy, and Syed Nawaz of Santa Clara as having filed false paperwork with the U.S. government to import foreign workers and then supply workers to American corporations.

The duo filed applications for H1-B visas that grant temporary status to foreign workers in some specialty occupations.

Between 2010 and 2016, these two never intended to hire U.S. workers.

To the government, Nawaz submitted fake “end-client letters” that gave the false impression that workers were on the job.

This is one case in a program riddled with fraud. About 85,000 of these visas are given out each year, among many different visa programs[…]

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