Greatest Threat

Greatest Threat “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists [the climate change summit] will be…” — Barack Obama It takes a special kind of idiot to believe the weather is a bigger threat to America’s national security than a gang of fanatic Islamic killers who control a land area the size of Great Britain and a war chest bigger than Barack Obama’s ego — and this is an administration that has just about cornered [...]

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  Published on Nov 20, 2015 by PJ Media The mainstream media says that retaliation against the Islamic terrorists is what will radicalize the moderate Muslims, but Bill Whittle begs to differ…Check out this Afterburner, in which he unleashes his thoughts after the Paris ISIS attacks. ...
Deliberate Blindness

We have a President who is determined to turn a blind eye to the evil that is spreading from the Middle East. It’s easy to look at Mr. Obama and say how ignorant he is! Or how evil he is and that he is deliberately destrying the country. ...
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u s capitol building wikimedia commons creative comms treachery

  Written by Little Tboca It’s a big problem when the citizens of the United States have lost their trust in their Government and their elected officials. Both parties are guilty of treason against the citizens of the United States. There is no wiggle room for either the ...
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.#Putin: “The Politics Of Those In Power In The USA: Erroneous” Erroneous: Straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc. (Ya think?! “Gay” marriage, puke, vomit, gag, barf .) I watch Mr. Putin speak: observing his actions, responsiveness, etc.. He’s alert, quick and aware. He’s not reading a teleprompter. An unrehearsed…, natural leader. And we have Obama…. How shameful. .. I as a United states citizen would like to apologize for presenting such a [...]

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911 New York City attack

Bookworm Room Last year on 9/11, my remembrance post looked at how our political class, led by Barack Obama, seemed to have forgotten every lesson learned from 9/11. Under his aegis, I pointed out, our borders were meaningless, the always dangerous Middle East was a swirling mass of ...
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Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson of The Viewers View (screenshot).

  Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, two phenomenal women, Black and Donald Trump supporters (yes, the Donald has Black supporters) gave Megyn Kelly of The Kelly File, Fox News her comeuppance yesterday in a fiery commentary about how Kelly goaded Trump the other night during the Fox New ...

  Joshua Pundit, Watcher of Weasels Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What Is Your Reaction To The Defeat ...
Russia Here We Come – Thug Sharpton Marching to DC to Demand Nationalization of Police

This battle is not on the beaches of Normandy but it is just as historic. We are at war. There is a war against America, the constitution, our values, and the free market. Barack Obama has been nationalizing all sectors of our society and in the case of our law enforcement, he is employing rabble-rousing hate monger Al Sharpton to nationalize them. His dream of a ‘national civilian security force’ is about to be [...]

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barack obama easter breakfast not feeling the love EDITED 2

  Published to YouTube on Apr 8, 2015 Greg Gutfeld sounded off this evening on President Barack Obama’s “perfect trolling” and “adolescent petulance” at this week’s Easter Prayer Breakfast, where Obama expressed concern for “less-than-loving expressions by Christians.” “On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that, as ...
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screenshot from steven crowder's mlkjr in ferguson video 01192015

  As usual, Steven Crowder nails the hijacking of the Civil Rights movement and the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the video below by Progressives. “Did that dream include looting, rioting, punching cops and following con-artists like Al Sharpton?”   One can expect the usual Marxist ...
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Big Mike Brown Roughing Up the owner of a convenience store while robbing the place.  Note the owner appears to be Indian or Pakistani, 

Was the assault and robbery racially motivated

Very few will admit it but when Mike Brown committed that strong-arm robbery, his fate was sealed. It is called, KARMA. Posted to YouTube by Honestly Speaking, takes bleeding heart Mike Brown supporters to task for their selective outrage. Warning: language gets a little rough but the message ...
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BeFunky_Stand up don't shoot myth perpetrated en masse Michael Brown perpetrating the lie en masse

  “You know what pisses me off too is I have people around this set all the time. They let me say what I say on set and they sit and stare at me, slack-jawed..They’re afraid to say anything on the air, even though they know it’s BS. ...
screenshot chicago activists unchained destroy black leadership rebel pundit

  SHTF Plan, Author Mac Slavo A new video from the Rebel Pundit shows several black Americans standing up against the Democrat machine that has for so long stolen their wealth, made them dependent on a corrupt system, and indentured them to a life of servitude. It’s an ...