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  The New American by Rebecca Terrell The impiety of many of our country’s present leaders makes it easy to forget that the United States was once governed by devout men who acknowledged the one true God and their debt to Him in everything. These statesmen were courageously ...
Pequot war

One great factor in the secularization and decline of America is the teaching of revisionist history in our schools. As an example of this, a friend recently wrote me that two American Indian history teachers at Minnesota State University told him that Thanksgiving was the celebration of the massacred 600 Pequot Indians in colonial New England. Wanting to learn more of why they thought this, my friend found an article that seemed to detail [...]

ordinary life fairy tales

Re-posted from insanitybytes22 Extravagant, I love that word. Sadly, it has come to mean, lacking restraint in spending money and using resources. No! Absolutely not, that is the modern edited dictionary definition. Stuff and nonsense. Extravagant actually means, “more than is usual, necessary, or proper.” I rather like ...
Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from ‘psychopathic’ ISIS

  RT Giovanni Gambino, the son of a key figure in the Gambino mob organization, says the mafia is in a much better position than security bodies, such as the FBI or Homeland Security, to give New Yorkers the protection they need. “They often act too late, or ...
Mario Savio Freedom Movement and Black Panters Fotor_Collage compressed

  Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills The Return of the Primitives They’re backkkk! In 1964 a group of students calling themselves the Free Speech Movement “demanded” much more than free speech after the University of California at Berkeley had forbidden them to use school property to organize off-campus political activities. They stormed the ...
screenshot school in uk bans 7 year old blind girl's cane from school 002

  What kind of a sick world do we live in that school officials in the UK or anywhere for that matter would ban a seven year old blind girl named Lily Grace (above) from using her cane out of fear that she might trip one of her ...
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.Message For The #Muslims At #CUNY Who Put Palestine 1st: Nasty Muslim loudmouths were screaming at Christians and Jews who like Israel: “Zionists, get out”. Here is my reply to these people: Here is the video: You support these Palestinian-firsters? That’s nice, because your tax dollars are paying for their intuition. Your tax dollars are not paying for the ‘evil’ pro-Israel Zionists. “Intifada” = Kill Jews and Christian who live in Israel. More on [...]

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.#GOP Does Not Want To Win, They Just Want A War-Monger: Drafting Romney LOL How to lose an election starring Mitt Romney! Truly, if you have not left the GOP, you’re nuts. Go Independent. If you are still a Democrat, you’re insane as well. I mean, COME ON!! Hillary Clinton is the best Dem choice? Romney for the GOP? Our nation is friggin nuts. The GOP “elite” would rather have Hillary than Trump. Allies [...]

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SantaPark in Finland

SantaPark in Finland According to “The Atlantic,” there is a joke going around in Beijing; “Santa Claus was descending into China from the sky. Due to the heavy smog, he fell to the ground, but no one dared help him up. While he was still lying in the snow, his bag was ransacked for presents, and his reindeer and sleigh taken away by the CHENGGUAN, who are much-despised urban-management officials.Therefore, no Christmas this year.” [...]

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red cup

Starbucks has eliminated the Christmas theme from their holiday cups and replaced if with a multicultural, diverse red cup. Instead of reindeer, snowflakes and snowmen, they want to represent all of us and all holidays, even though the holiday is called CHRISTMAS. red cup This is from their statement: …Since 1997 Starbucks has served its holiday beverages in a unique cup, starting with a jazz-themed design in jewel tones of deeper reds, greens and [...]

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BE FUNKY mark dice interviewing hillary supporters re shariah law in usa led to the slaughter

  Published on YouTube Nov 2, 2015 by Mark Dice Hillary Clinton supporters in California mindlessly agree with anything and everything Hillary supposedly says. In an experiment, media analyst Mark Dice tells Hillary fans that one of her primary campaign promises is to implement Sharia Law in America. ...
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  Written by Walter E. Williams/Lew Rockwell Voter ID laws have been challenged because liberal Democrats deem them racist. I guess that’s because they see blacks as being incapable of acquiring some kind of government-issued identification. Interesting enough is the fact that I’ve never heard of a challenge ...
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golden weasel

  Yes, once again, It’s time to present this week’s statuette of shame, The Golden Weasel!! Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one ...
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what is a wimp

    From Lew Rockwell, written by Fred Reed An example of pathological masculinity, male privilege, substance abuse, and patriarchy with overtones of violence against women and people of color, as well as probable homophobia. May drive a truck. Come morning, I receive emails from friends documenting the ...
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