March 23, 2017

Middle East

Benghazi Liars

JUDICIAL WATCH: Top State Obama Department Official Admitted Benghazi Had Nothing to Do With Protests

Fruit of Obama’s Strategy: Mass Graves, Atrocities, No Weapons for the Kurds

Archbishop to Anti-Trump Protesters: Where Were You When ISIS Was Slaughtering Christians?

Iran Celebrates Left’s Decision to Keep Iran’s Refugees Coming to US

That Sense of Entitlement: Social Justice Evangelicals, Church Leaders, Refugee Resettlement Biz

Strong Message to Iran! USS Cole Moved to Yemen

CAIR, Marxist Puppets Triggered over President Trump’s Proposed Temp Muslim Ban

The Paris ‘ Peace Conference’ Turns Into A Farce

Exclusive: US Jerusalem embassy – only foundations

PLO Rejects Kerry Fake Peace Plan

U. N. Resolution is Obama’s Ultimate Betrayal of Israel

Retired Colonel: Trump Is Inheriting A Global Mess From Obama. Michael Flynn Will Help Him Fix It

Muslim Terrorists Strap Explosives on an 8-Year-old Girl Detonating Her Via Remote-Control Inside Police Station