September 25, 2016
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Breaking…ISIS Might Have Launched a Chemical Attack on US Troops in Iraq

  ISIS appears to have launched a chemical attack on US troops but none have been hurt. It is a serious concern. ISIS is escalating as they spread out to 28 countries and inspire or guide attacks in the US. This has happened before. CNN Journalist Barbara Starr ...
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New York City Officials Search for Bombers’ Motive as Mayor Makes a Stunning Admission

If you listened to this morning’s presser, you know the following. The NYPD has announced that they don’t know the terrorist’s motive but they will investigate to try and figure out what it is. Ahmad is a lone wolf the FBI Assistant Director announced Monday, before any investigation ...
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Death By PC: NY/NJ Officials Refuse to Identify Bomber as Radical Islamic Terrorist. I’m Shocked.

Kingsjesters Blog by KJ “Here is what we know: It was intentional, it was a violent act, it was certainly a criminal act, it was a bombing — that’s what we know,” he said on Sunday, flanked by law enforcement officials at Police Headquarters in Lower Manhattan. “To ...
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70News New York Post reported a 911 caller warned of further explosions right after the blast that rocked Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and injured 29 people. A letter written in Arabic was also found inside a plastic bag with undetonated bomb. Democrat NY Mayor Di Blasio call the terror attack ‘intentional ...
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STEPPED-UP Jihad Rocks NYC & NJ: Military & Civilian Targets. Americans, The FINAL PHASE of “THE PLAN” Has Begun! by Adina Kutnicki

  Commentary by Adina Kutnicki BEFORE we probe any further into the fully coordinated – yes, they were – blow-ups in NJ and NYC, bear uppermost in mind: when it comes to militant Islamic jihad, it matters not a wit who claims “credit” for this or that attack. ...
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Hillary’s Terrifying Tweet

Hillary wants you to vote for her so she – the government – can shape our children. Hillary tweeted this terrifying tweet — she will have the “power to shape the children for the next 4 years of our lives”. Thanks anyway but no thanks Hillary! Don’t need your ...
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Talk to Madeleine today! Won’t that be fun!

Breaking news! White House kicking off Welcoming Refugee Week today

Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation is to steam-roll over every American with his refugee program before leaving office. Refugee Resettlement Watch by Ann Corcoran As I have been saying, the refugee industry has a masterful media propaganda campaign backing Obama’s last big push to change America by changing its ...
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Engraved in Stone

  The Children of Abraham of the Southern Tier, an interfaith organization in Johnson City, has taken offense at the 9/11 memorial raised in the nearby Town of Owego, New York. This association of misguided multiculturalists and Muslim moderates allege that identifying the perpetrators of the worst individual ...
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Transcript of Donald Trump “United America” Speech To National Guard…

Conservatuve Treehouse by sundance Today Donald Trump spoke to the National Guard Association of the United States at their 138th General Conference & Exhibition in Baltimore Maryland.  Candidate Trump’s message was directed toward a United America. Thank you. I am honored to be here today. Let me extend ...
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Kentucky: Muslim woman called for terror attacks in US, arrested

Creeping Sharia Source: Kentucky woman arrested over alleged ISIS connections MAYSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – 55-year-old Maysville resident Marie A. Castelli has been arrested for allegedly promoting ISIS and calling for terrorists attacks in the U.S. The FBI arrested Castelli after she allegedly advocated online for terrorist attacks in ...
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NFL Cracks Down on Player’s 9/11 Tribute Cleats, Police Union Vows to Pay Fine

Titans linebacker Avery Williamson planned to wear a pair of custom made cleats in honor of 9/11 victims at today’s home opener game against the Vikings. However, the NFL who has a strict uniform code mandating that every player wears the same color scheme on their shoes has ...
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Hillary’s Best Email Defense Proves Her Guilt

When Hillary isn’t outright lying about her personal server and illicit emails, she is blaming her aides or Colin Powell. The Washington Post, NPR and other Democrat media are painting Hillary Clinton as a victim of Colin Powell for taking his advice about her email server. She’s a ...
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Matt Lauer Slammed By Mainstream Press After Vet Tells Hillary “I Would Have Been Imprisoned” If I Did What You Did

If you watched last nights NBC’s “Commander in Chief” forum moderated by Matt Lauer, you might asking yourself amidst the insane rants from Progressives over Lauer’s questioning of Hillary Clinton if we watched the same forum. Laeuer, who to my surprise did not fawn over the Crooked One ...
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Obama Delivers On Vow To “Bankrupt” Coal Industry – Loss of Jobs – Staggering

More than 42,000 coal miners have lost their jobs and the coal industry in the United States is on the brink of disappearing into the annals of history.  The day is upon us that Americans will miss coal unless the mutilation of the coal industry by Barack Obama ...
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