Former CPB Director Says Taxpayers Fund Racially Divisive Programs

Former CPB Director Says Taxpayers Fund Racially Divisive Programs

About the only time that one might find PBS worth watching is during their “pledge” seasons when they pull out the concerts of artists from the doo-wop, disco and 80’s era and earlier shows that had nothing to do with the political correctness and social justice crap being pedaled today.

I often wondered if those donating during PBS’ “feel good season” which by no coincidence a tactic merely to bring in donations aware that their hard-earned money feeds hate, racial division and the empowerment of Marxist ideologues determined to destroy our country.

Newsbusters by Tim Graham

…Pledge time is when all the warm and fuzzy and mainstream concerts and shows come on. But CPB is funding a hive of programming focused on leftist identity politics. Some CPB money goes to the children’s programming that brands PBS as educational TV.

But millions go to nonfiction documentary programming made by independent producers, and that’s where the focus on identity politics becomes clear. The corporation provides grant support to five so-called minority consortia, including African-American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander groups, as well as Alaska natives.

Additional support is directed toward the Independent Television Service, which funds independent film producers. ITVS maintains a “diversity development fund,” which has supported projects such as a feminist examination of cheerleading and a video game that introduces players to the hardships and perils of crossing the Sonoran Desert as a migrant.

ITVS also funds LGBT advocacy documentaries, like the recent Independent Lens program Real Boy about a girl transforming herself into a “trans man…”

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