Progressive Elites Plot Expansion of Deep State to Destabilize Trump Presidency

Progressive Elites Plot Expansion of Deep State to Destabilize Trump Presidency

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While the Progressive elites are still butt-hurt over their 2016 presidential election loss, they came together at this week’s American Constitution Society’s national convention in Washington to plot the destruction of President Trump and his agenda aka treason via the deep state and federalism California style.  The American Constitution Society is the Progressive version of the Federalist Society except when the left uses the word “Constitution” they mean Communism.

Washington Examiner by Ryan Lovelace

…Yeomans, an American University law professor with more than 25 years of experience at the Justice Department, was holed up inside the Capital Hilton hotel downtown on a sunny Friday afternoon leading a panel of bureaucrats and scholars divided about how best to fight Trump.

UCLA law professor Jon Michaels said he favors filling the Trump administration with liberals opposed to Trump’s agenda.  “We hear a lot of language about draining the swamp and this idea about a deep state that somehow was going to thwart the intentions or the political mandate of the president,” Michaels said. “I kind of embrace this notion of the ‘deep state.'”

Michaels listed his ideas for how to ensure the success of the “deep state.” Act as a group — a department, across agency lines, as a community — rather than as an individual when pushing back against Trump from the inside, he said[…]

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What Jon Michaels is suggesting is nothing short of treason.  The idea is to send the Trump administration into chaos by tweet storms from the deep state and plenty of leaks.

Besides the President, their targets for obvious reasons are Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.  I suspect that there are plenty of Obama holdovers in these agencies whose agenda will be to get out the “they’re going to kill people” meme hop onboard.  Progressives, as usual, have no problem with propaganda.

And then there is the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.  See my January 2017 post, Obama undermines Trump on civil rights with last-minute appointments, it speaks volumes.  It gets no more radical than Catherine E. Lhamon and Debo Adegbile who Barack Obama hired weeks before President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Targeting/Scamming Republican and Conservative Women:

Progressives are always underestimating the intelligence of Republican women.

Yvette McGee Brown of Jones Day is also a former Ohio Supreme Court Justice is recommending that Progressives build a coalition with Republican and Conservative women around reproductive rights.

Brown suggesting that while coalescing around Republican and Conservative women that income inequality and taxing the wealthy not enter the discussion.

This is about divide and conquer and trying to pull one over on us hokey non-Progressives. (sarcasm)



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