Mattel Is Building An Alexa For Kids, Called Aristotle

Mattel Is Building An Alexa For Kids, Called Aristotle

Americans spend thousands of dollars on technology and the technology is spying on us and now our children.  Cortana, Alexa, Echo and Aristotle.  Yes, Aristotle.

Technocracy News by Mark Wilson

Her name is Aristotle, and she has eyes, and ears, inside your child’s bedroom

“What do you want to ask Google?” my wife asked our toddler after installing Google Home.

“Everything,” he responded in the most casual and sincere way. Duh. Of course a young human with endless questions would have endless queries for an internet service with endless answers.

But over the course of dinner, as he did his best to yell to the machine, “Okay, Google, how fast do lions run?” and “Okay, Google, how far is our moon?” I realized its flaw: Google’s voice assistant understood me perfectly, thanks to endless waves of machine learning from adults asking it questions everyday. And yet it couldn’t understand a single question asked by the young, less articulated voice of my son. “Sorry, I can’t help with that, yet,” Google said.

“She doesn’t help!” he lamented with a frown[…]

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At the same time, why would any parent want their child growing up with no expectation of privacy and the knowledge that those doing the spying are infringing upon their right of privacy?

It is bad enough that millions of our young do not take the time to just turn off, relax or get a good night’s sleep.  They’re hooked up to some sort of technology more times in a day than they are not.