March 25, 2017


Hey Mad Jewess! Hitler Was Right! Gas you Kikes! There Was NO Holocaust!

AUDIO Hollywood and Vindicated Joe McCarthy – Lock Him ( Barack ) Up! – MB Obama DOJ ‘Slush Fund’

Obama Camp’s Disingenuous Denials on FISA Surveillance of Trump

Leading the World: Why and How

Sessions not alone: Russian ambassador also met with numerous Democrats

Russian Ambassador Met with Obama Officials in White House SIX Times During Hillary Clinton Uranium Sale to Russia

Analysis of Donald Trump’s First State of the Union Address: What the Media will not tell Us.

Donald Trump Lunches with Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd

ICE Arrests Thrice Deported Dominican in Sanctuary NYC

America and the State of the Nation

CNN Anchor Vanishes After Brutal Tranny Bathroom Twitter Rant – CNN Covers for Him with Lame Excuse

“If Christianity goes, the whole of our culture goes.”

West Wing star Bradley Whitford launches tirade at Ivanka Trump for ‘enabling hatred’

The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship