March 25, 2017

Grumpy Educators

Character Education Lesson for Inauguration 2017: Diversity of Thought/Political Beliefs Not Allowed?

Who’s afraid of Common Core and who supports it? Questions for leaders.

Denied an Education on Account of White Race

Karma: Student PII Data Mining Concerns Coming Home to Roost for Dept of Ed Bureaucrats

“How” Rude – Pretend Indian Sen Warren Displays Disgraceful Conduct

indoctrination center sign

Fourth graders in Michigan banned from watching Trump inauguration speech

Emails from Jeb’s Chiefs for Change and Foundation for Excellence in Ed show nonprofits and government working hand in hand to lead states to Common Core and Online Learning

One Huge Threat in EdReform Datamining: Ransomware

VIDEO: Anti-Trump protesters disrupt Georgetown classrooms

School Choice might be better focused on Curriculum Choice

Parents and Professionals Protesting/Petitioning Against iPads in School

Hazelwood v. Kulhmeier: Limiting student free speech

“Educational” video games collect and profile data about users, their interactions

The Problems in Schools Cannot be Fixed by ESSA/CCSS Mandates