Undeniable Truth Time! The Left Destroys Everything it Touches

Undeniable Truth Time! The Left Destroys Everything it Touches

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The next shoe to drop in the war against boys and men.

The Daley Gator via Wow! Magazine by Doug Hagin

And yes, that includes, or soon will, the Boy Scouts. William Teach explains

In his book SJWs Always Lie, Vox Day laid out a few principles on how to deal with Social Justice Warriors. One of them is to never, ever, give in, because they’ll use that to beat you up and demand even more. It would have been good advice for the Boy Scouts, who have already capitulated to demands to allow gay scouts and scout masters, then on allowing the gender confused in

Women’s Group Calls On Boy Scouts To Allow Girls To Join

Is a Boy Scout still a Boy Scout when the scout is a girl?

That’s the question facing the Boy Scouts of America, which recently opened their ranks to gay and transgender boys and now faces another long-simmering membership dispute: a long-shot campaign to let girls join the BSA so they have a chance to earn the prestigious status of Eagle Scout[…]

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