If the Mainstream Media Were Patriots

If the Mainstream Media Were Patriots


Even after the lies and manipulation of facts and voters have been exposed, Progressives continue to spin.

The Burning Platform by Uncola

Lately we’ve heard a lot regarding the evil Russian’s hacking of the 2016 presidential election and their sponsorship of fake news websites.  Evidently them nasty Russians have unfairly denied the innocent and victimized Hillary Clinton her right to become America’s first woman president.  This, after the poor woman went to all that trouble hitting the reset button with Russia just a few years ago.  Them ungrateful Rusky bastards!

Not surprisingly, the Neocon Democratic Party Warmongers are now attempting to nullify the results of this year’s election while simultaneously striving to resurrect a new cold war abroad and a civil war right here in the United States. These sore losers are not messing around[…]

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