NBC Touts Clinton Campaign ‘Lashing Out’ at Facebook for Loss

NBC Touts Clinton Campaign ‘Lashing Out’ at Facebook for Loss

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Oh, that’s rich, Hillary Clinton campaign has been blaming everyone but themselves and their candidate for losing the presidential election and now it is Facebook’s turn for failing to police “fake news” and Clinton News Networks are more than happy to push these tainted realities.

Newsbusters by Kyle Drennen

At the top of the 7:30 ET half hour, co-host Matt Lauer declared: “…growing controversy over whether or not to police fake news stories on social media platforms like Facebook. In the aftermath of the election, employees there are now reportedly taking on CEO Mark Zuckerberg over this very issue.”

Correspondent Miguel Almaguer warned: “The headlines are as shocking as they are fake: ‘ISIS King Paid off Hillary Clinton,’ ‘Pope Francis endorses Trump.’ Now growing concern these fake stories may have had real influence on voters.” He touted how Buzzfeed “is reporting the existence of a secret ‘renegade task force’ of Facebook employees” who “believe the company is only paying lip service to the problem”[…]

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What exactly is the Clinton campaign REALLY calling fake news?  Reports that Hillary is an enabler of her rapist husband?  How about all the emails revealing that every so-called journalist took direction and questions from the Clinton camp and the DNC?  Or better yet, John Podesta’s email that Hillary smells like urine and cabbage?  How about the roadmap and plans to complete the fundamental transformation of the United States after the elections into a Communist hell hole?

The press yet to report on any one thing in the last paragraph and so much more, none of which is fake news.

Who are they kidding?  What Progressives are really demanding is the further censorship of Conservatives.