March 25, 2017

Opinionated News

From My CP: A Cure for Nancy Pelosi

A Must See: Sebastian Gorka’s Smack down of purveyor of #FakeNews BBC’s Evan Davis (video)

Ukrainian Politician – Vladislav Gronvald “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”

White-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Jorge Ramos Says Trump Thinks the US Is a White Country

Speaking of Home Runs – IFL “The Spy Who Shagged Himself”

The Deep Do-Do Obama and Company is in.

What they won’t tell you about the day without a woman. via @Liz_Wheeler #ADayWithoutAWoman

TSA Removes the “Cognitive Burden” for Its Employees, Let the Fondling Begin

President Trump Congratulates Exxon Mobil for Job-Creating Investment Program

Newsmax CEO: “I Spoke To Trump About The Wiretap Story, I Haven’t Seen Him This Pissed Off In A Long Time”