December 5, 2016

Obama & His Regime Of Insanity Has Made Me Tired

Obama & His Regime Of Insanity Has Made Me Tired I am.  I need a LONG rest.  I am so tired that I have nothing much to say anymore.   I feel like I have ‘seen too much‘.    Witnessed too much violent news. ...
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Time to Repent

Sunday Devotional: Stay awake!

Illegals Stealing the Vote with Forged IDs

A former United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, retired Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold exposed before Congress how easy it is for illegal aliens to obtain forged IDs, including a driver’s license and a Social Security card – and then go vote. Claude Arnold ...
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Super dumb letter went to homeschool parents in Little Rock

No matter how you justify this letter (need more students/money for the school district, think that some HS parents might be regretting their decision so you offer an olive branch, annual requirement to reach out to all non-attending school aged children etc.) this letter ...
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DreamBox, Datamining & DeVos?

Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party

A few weeks back, several young girls were assaulted by Muslim invaders at a festival in Munich, Germany.  One of the victims, who skirted the destiny planned by her abusers when security stepped in, decided to let it go because she approves of the ...

Time to Repent

Progressives foolishly promote Richard Spencer in an effort to destroy Trump

Progressives for 16 months attacked President-elect, Donald J. Trump, with every kind of label and still the now president-elect slid into home base without breaking a sweat. Rather than return to the drawing board, Progressives are now doubling down on the same vile propaganda ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Al Gore eating crow so soon? Meets w/ President-Elect and Ivanka Trump.

  Just six weeks ago, former vice president Al Gore assailed now Presidential-elect Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Florida on behalf of failed fellow Progressive Hillary Clinton. Al Gore eating crow. The climate change scam artist and dipstick Gore paid a visit ...