Politicized climate change in United States

Global warming has been a concept that arrived with sole purpose of being conscious and fight against everything that damages nature, but there are some situations in which we do not believe what to do with the information we are getting. No matter what US Republicans or Democrats say, if global warming is true or it is a hoax; a lot of people just decide to continue with their lives. 

 When we experience our daily lives, we do not care about the world and its health status. We just want to wake up from bed and from there, beginning our daily routines. We just think about our short lifespan as something of the moment. And we are not paying attention to the future of the next generations. We do not think about the world that we had in the past, and the one we are creating right now. We know that nature is changing for worse and we are destroying it. 

The consequences of Global Warming

The average temperature of our world is constantly rising up due to the actions of men. Most temperature measurements indicate that our planet is going to face severe changes that are going to affect all species in the world – most of them being eliminated because of the rising sea levels, regional changes, extreme weather events (such as heat waves, and expansion of deserts). And yes, the world always changes, but most of the drastic weather alterations are produced because of humankind and its will of consuming everything no matter what.

We are conscious that it is not the first time the Earth is changing its weather so drastically, but it is an era in which we are causing the destruction of our own ecosystems. Most enterprises and factories do not want to take responsibilities of this. Although they have economic benefits, they are sacrificing the health of our future generation of children, as their machinery is producing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that are annihilating our mother earth.

It is widely known that we can educate next generations. But the ones with power still have plenty of options in order to produce more by destroying the planet. It is a must to be able to prevent our climatic doom before it could be worse in the next years to come. 

Global warming and the governments of the world

Nevertheless, although we have had the help of the most important nations in the globe such as The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a powerhouse is ignoring this huge threat. What is happening with the United States?

The 16 years old activist Greta Thumberg made the world remember about a surprisingly true fact: when US citizens talk about climate change, they talk about whether they believe it or not instead. And this is a terrible situation about global warming. Trump’s administration changed the way people think about preserving the planet.

United States, Republicans and their opinion

Producing as much resources as you can, having as much liberties as you can get. That is the idea of Donald Trump about the best possible US. As the current President of the United States was already a magnate of business, it is logical to understand his actions. He and his companions only care about making America Great Again, but at what cost? 

It is worrying to even consider that protecting and cleaning up the environment has been a topic of speculation in the US. It is only in recent years that it has been considered as a divisive subject, as US was one of the countries that was very interested in finding external sources of energy that could make them more productive, without polluting the planet with the limited fossil resources (that sooner or later, they are going to be unavailable). 

Democratic cares about nature and global warming, as they are looking ahead for a better US that could give more life that the ones they are taking every time they expand the structures and factories of the nation. The problem is that right now, the Republicans in the most important political positions do not care about nature, and they say that the climate change is just another of the conspiracy theories that is taking money and time unnecessarily from the people who wants to make meaningful advances for the planet.

We strongly believe that the White House must be responsible in their actions, and they must guarantee activities and education that would make their nation realize about the damage that uncaring development is making to our planet. And at the same time, regulate activities of companies that pollute the environment. 

The catchphrase of Republicans of having free individuals and free markets is almost interpreted as burn whatever you want, consume whatever you want. This is wrong. We must respect nature because it is our home. And we do not pay attention to the needs of our planet; the next generation is going to suffer severe consequences.

Nowadays, the fuel industry now acknowledges the reality of the climate change is real. If they admitted it, why is the polarization in United States in making us this fight impossible to win?

The Trump’s administration continues to roll back the Obama’s era of environmental regulations, and we hope that maybe in the next elections, this would be something very important to take into consideration the next time you vote. 

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