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@JoshMandelOhio: Please Don’t Apologize For This Tweet No Matter What. The ADL Are BOLSHEVIK Bullies

Our JEW Website Supports @jartaylor, 100% + Others That The BOLSHEVIK, Anti-Free Speech ADL Names “Haters”

U.K. Pleads for Retired Detectives to Come Back to Work to Deal with Terror

Families at the new U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea, will live in modern, high-rise units convenient to schools, churches, shopping and other services.

South Korea: U.S. Army merges 173 camps into one huge base

Who in the world is Rob Goldstone? The man who set up Trump Jr? UPDATE

A neighbor who didn’t hesitate to shoot and kill a would-be drowner of twin babies has officially been ruled justified

The Rage of Islam