Another Honduran Caravan Storms Mexico-Guatemala Border Bridge (footage).

Another Honduran Caravan Storms Mexico-Guatemala Border Bridge (footage).

As reported by Yahoo, another caravan of invaders allegedly from Honduras stormed the gates to the border bridge from Guatemala into Mexico. In the midst of the chaos and violence that ensued, one man was killed, I believe, by a rubber bullet(s). The Mexican government is not happy.

As not reported by the Communist media complex, below is footage of invaders storming the gates to the border bridge yesterday from Guatemala into Mexico…again posted to Facebook by Azteca Noticias who describes what is unfolding as “New confrontation between Honduran migrants and riot elements of the guatemalan police is recorded at the customs office of tecún uman.”

TRANSLATION:  “Rain of stones towards the southern border of #México. Central American migrants insist on continuing on their way to the United States.”


TRANSLATION: “Confrontation of migrants trying to pass on the Guatemalan border with Mexico is reported.”


TRANSLATION:  “New confrontation between Honduran migrants and rioting elements of Guatemalan police is recorded at Tecún Umán customs.”


As reported by Breitbart News, the yellow gate in the above video that is failing or has failed: “is the last barrier in Guatemala before the migrants entered an international port of entry on top of the Suchiate River that divides the two countries. Mexican authorities continue to stand guard on their side of the gate in case the migrants attempt to break through by force.”

Our Border Patrol agents are going to need backup and I don’t mean attorneys and those who plan to roll out the red carpet to these invaders.


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