Florida Cuban Community Reacts to FBI Reopening Clinton Email Investigation

Florida Cuban Community Reacts to FBI Reopening Clinton Email Investigation

It is refreshing to know that considering months of exposes on the Clinton mafia machine and Friday’s news that FBI Director, James Comey is reviewing emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s devices that some Americans have had more than enough of Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart News by Jen Lawrence

In the all-important swing state of Florida, members of the Cuban community have seen this kind of intentional deceit and lying in order to gain and hold onto power before. Many members of the Cuban community have either lived under the communist Castro regime or have immediate family members who did. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her actions remind them [Cubans] of the brutal regime they fled. Friday’s revelations by the FBI further deepen the Castro connection for many with whom Breitbart News spoke.

According to Carlos Arias, founder of Cubans for Trump:

Well, Karma’s a B***h just like ‘Her.’ If you’re ‘With Her,’ you’re enabling the right to be a felon, thief, and a lyin’ witch (Bruja Mentirosa in Spanish). You could only lie for so many years. Also, the Clinton Foundation can’t pay the FBI enough since its Director’s integrity is on the line. He’s not going to take the fall for someone who could obviously care less about anyone but herself or her corrupt family. She defends and enables a rapist husband and she could care less about the needs of Americans. Her attacks lack any basic foundation of truth and are oftentimes fabricated in order to further brainwash the masses. Enough is enough. Justice will be served, before or after Trump is elected. It’s time for tangible legitimate change! Hillary in prison would only further America’s advance to be both relevant and great once more!

When asked if Clinton’s behavior reminds him of the Castros, Arias responded, “Strikingly similar yes. She’s pushing a socialist agenda where the government knows what’s best for us and we have little to no say. Very much like communist Cuba. The silent majority is fed up. Go vote early like I did. Let’s show her that our country still has hope and patriotism. Unlike her”[…]

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