Deliberate Blindness

Deliberate Blindness

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President Obama Holds Election Night Event In ChicagoWe have a President who is determined to turn a blind eye to the evil that is spreading from the Middle East. It’s easy to look at Mr. Obama and say how ignorant he is! Or how evil he is and that he is deliberately destrying the country. But there is another option as well, and that is love!
I am not talking about love for this country, truly he has made it apparent that he has no love for this country. He seems to love the power, influence and adulation he gets from the Presidential platform. He can look down upon the people who put him there with disdain while he profits from there losses. And if anyone has the gall to call him out on it, he gets his back up and doubles down.
Where love comes in is his love of the area of the world he spent most of his young life in. He has stated that he loves the sound of the call to prayer and the focus of his presidency has been the middle east. While he seems determined to bring this country to it’s knees and make it line up with his distorted view of it, he has spent an inordinate amount of time and money to build the middle east into a super power.
I don’t think he sees it so much as a group of unaligned nations. He seems to see it as a faithful collection of people who were held down by despotic leaders. Leaders who were preventing them from achieving their potential. He was determined to use his power to give them the ability to improve. That was one of the reasons some of his first acts in office were to change the focus of agencies like NASA.
But like many parents who love their children with a passion, he seems unable to see that his actions are doing more harm to the very people he loves. He is increasingly frustrated that others can’t see what he is trying to accomplish and that he is not only causing the destruction of the middle east, but is bringing the whole world to the edge of annihilation.
Unlike most parents where there is usually someone who sees more clearly and is able to step in and put a stop to the destruction, those who could seem unwilling or afraid. As a result there is no one able to stop the insanity. Where it is leading is a terrible place. And while Mr. Obama’s aides once said, he was leading from behind, he is leading this charge from the front with people trying to grab his coattails to prevent him from going over the cliff.

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