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In my wildest imaginings, I cannot picture Pope Paul ll taking the same political, moral or global stance that Francis is promoting and foisting off on those who are still listening and paying attention to him. Paul II was totally against any form of Marxism, Socialism or Communism. He, God bless him, was helpful and instrumental in toppling the Russian regime back in the day. He worked closely with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, among others, to eradicate that infamous government.

There is something sinister in the election of Francis as pope and the “disposal” of Benedict. Two things I want to point out: Sinister comes from the Italian word, sinistra, which means left. The other thing is that we have not seen, nor heard from Benedict in many months…actually, a couple of  years. So, what has happened to him? What is going on behind those locked doors of the Vatican?

I hear people say that Jesus was a Socialist. That is so far from the truth. He was not. He encouraged those who had plenty, to give voluntarily to those less fortunate. That is what our tithe is for. We give and the Church distributes our gifts to the ones who are sick, infirm and elderly who can no longer work. But…you know, I don’t see that happening. Read scripture, there is no mention of “income distribution” so that everyone receives the same amount.

Many on the left are up in arms against Dr. Carson for his truthful words that Islam is not compatible with our constitution. He is brave and honest. Instead of schooling us on the pitfalls of Islam, Francis has embraced them, prayed with them, invited them into the Vatican and praised their “religion of peace”. I don’t hear a hew and cry emanating from the lips of the false pope. I don’t hear him chiding them for the horrors that their religion has brought to the Middle East countries and the slaughter of innocent Jews and Christians in that area. There is an old adage we all must have heard at one time or another: “Silence gives consent”.
MRW  9/23/15

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