It’s happening NOW!

It’s happening NOW!

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What are some of the “it could happen” things you worry and fret about and that keep you awake nights? I have a list of mankind decimating possible events that periodically work me into a state. It’s not a long list but it does give me unease when I dwell on it.

Imported fatal diseases, One-World government, impending Martial Law, Death directives in Obamacare, loss of freedoms by government, Communism taking over, FEMA camps, GMO foods, Big Pharma, Jade Helm 15, and there are dozens more.

Yes, I do believe that there are sinister forces in our country, and even in our entire world, whose main objective is to limit, control and take over mankind. Just in the past six years, we can see evidence of our impending demise. When, in our past history, has a  POTUS been allowed to run roughshod over the citizens of this country?

Take a look at just a few of the things that we have been subjected to: rampant illegals, obamatrade, gun grabbing, federal agencies ammo purchases, terrorists set free and traitor protected, mass infiltration of Muslims, open borders, disease crisises, privacy destroyed, deconstruction of our military, encouraging racial rioting, giving arms to our enemies, making deals with enemy countries, eradication of  democracy, and on and on and on.

When will the American people awaken and rid ourselves of this pestilence? God provided a leader to guide the Israelites out of Egypt, away from evil Pharoah. God has now shown us that there are good people ready to lead us away from this latter-day Pharaoh. Your vote is crucial; every vote is essential to ensure that we are led out of our slavery to freedom.

With the help of God and every vote, the GOP will provide us with our Moses!

~€:-o   = ((that’s me, wearing my tin conspiracy hat!))


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