Trump’s Position On Illegals:  We Will Not Be Taken Advantage of Anymore

Trump’s Position On Illegals:  We Will Not Be Taken Advantage of Anymore

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August 16, 2015.  Trump has delineated his plan for those illegally in the U.S. and it is EXCELLENT.  The Link appears at the bottom of this website entry.

It’s been a very active weekend for The Trump Campaign.  He’s been to Iowa, delineated his plan for illegals, and appeared with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.

Chuck Todd TRIED to trap Trump by the typical press maneuver based on the misconception that Americans are willing to give away our Country by the mere mention of the word “children”.  The families that our next AMERICAN President has to protect are American and legal immigrant families.

In this game of American politics that candidates are forced to play, Trump plays chess, and the press (and others) are still hopscotch-jumping over American concerns.

In the Trump Plan for illegals linked below, he says that he will make Mexico pay for the wall by impounding all remittance payments derived from illegal wages, among other tactics.  He will end the abuse of our 14th Amendment by illegal aliens by ENDING birthright citizenship.

The potential greatness of Americans and legal immigrants has been thwarted by having to almost constantly cater and pander to those illegally here.  And, that is why it is integral to Trump’s Campaign to Make America Great Again that our borders NO LONGER be international jokes, and our Country NO LONGER be a dumping ground for international trespassers who have taken advantage of the American legacy of compassion for far too long.

NY ICE Member, David R., puts it so well when he says that a Trump win will restore our Country’s UPWARD MOBILITY that has been so compromised by open borders.

Links to Trump’s Position on Illegals and the Meet the Press Interview:

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