Look At Jeb Bush’s Buddies

Look At Jeb Bush’s Buddies

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August 2015.  The Photo above depicting Jeb Bush with media monopolizer Murdoch and Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is making the internet rounds.

With a smile reminiscent of those plastic “Chucky” diabolical dolls, Jeb Bush sits nice and cozy to eat with Murdoch and Jarrett.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and this everybody-is-smiling Photo says that he is very friendly with the Obama debacle, as well as the mainstream media manipulator.

This comes on the heels of a very manipulated nominal “debate” where every effort was made to *try* to discredit Donald Trump, including asking questions without the relevant context.  Actual debates would ask the same question of all the candidates, and it was obvious that the media came into this farce with an agenda, and that agenda was to try to embarrass and alienate Trump, the frontrunner.  An agenda in which Murdoch was complicit.

And, an agenda that failed.  And, one that Trump saw through.

Because all Trump DOES is get things done and WIN.

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