Nixon Lied But No One Died

Nixon Lied But No One Died

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Did any of you remember or even know that this is the anniversary of the “Watergate Scandal”? Yeah, there was a turmoil in Washington back then, in the 70s. Of course it was led by Libs, trying to beef up Watergate to make it look bigger and badder than it was.

Sure, Nixon was no saint but Watergate was not earth shaking nor was it even remotely destructive to the government and his role in it was minimal.

Just look around you, now, the multiple scandals are a threat to citizens, our veterans, our security, our freedom, our very autonomy. Everything we value is at risk with the faux POTUS in charge. He has forced many of his pet agendas on us. We are victims of his whims. We have been forced to choke down “obamacare” and the most recent “choker”, The Iran Fiasco”….and everything in between.

Didn’t we all think that the results of the latest election would give us a respite? We elected whom we thought were good Republicans who would run interference for us when Pinocchio came up with a new plot. Well, you can see how that worked out. Every scheme that the Obomb has proposed has been supported by our supposed “Republican Congress”. All of his follies have had or will have adverse effect on our country’s sovereignty, not to mention our safety and security. Unlike the Nixon debacle, which was almost benign in comparison.

The antics emanating from the White House during the past six and a half years make Watergate appear to be a “frat prank” or a high school monkeyshine by contrast.

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