The 3% control freaks!

The 3% control freaks!

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In view of all of the noise and demands coming from the LGBT and the positive “ink” they are getting from the left-wing nut jobs, you’d think that they were a huge percentage of the population.




Not so, they are still a mere 2.5 to 3 %!  Other than those whom they can entice to join their ranks, they are not making any increases. They are, in spite of their recently won “marriage” rights, unable to procreate. May I point out here that three of the supreme judges who granted gay “marriage” are lesbians and of those, two officiated at gay “marriages”. I’m no lawyer but wouldn’t that fact be cause for recusal?

The Jews and Christians comprise a far greater percentage of the population but we hear no demands, mandates nor pressures from them. The only “ink” devoted to these groups by the left controlled press, is always negative. Instead of being granted recognition in our society they are, instead, being constantly denigrated by the news media.

[pullquote]Jeb Bush, just yesterday, gave his approval and endorsement. ((anything to get elected)). What a fool..[/pullquote]

The “closet doors” have been open for years. That’s OK, but this 3% has gone beyond mere acceptance; they want the whole enchilada. They want, not only acceptance, recognition and equality, they want special treatment and they want total control over a nation of 300,000,000.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell”, in the military, was not enough for them. They pushed and pressured for a change to “openly gay”. Then more pressure…now, it’s gay “marriage”. The latest in their agenda is to accept transgenders in the military. Jeb Bush, just yesterday, gave his approval and endorsement. ((anything to get elected)). What a fool…how many LGBT in that 3% does he think will vote Republican? Don’t kid yourself, Jeb, 99.9% of LGBT will vote for the democrat,  Hillary the Harpy.

I read recently that the Olympic Committee still does gender testing to weed out males posing as females who may have an edge over the women in competition. This may be the next “target” for the Gaystapo.


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