El Chapo…Mexico’s finest!

El Chapo…Mexico’s finest!

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I guess you know that the bum, El Chapo, has given The Donald a huge boost. El Chapo, ((it means the short one)), when he made death threats to Trump, actually increased his popularity with the American voting public. If Shorty hates Trump, then we love him.




Incidentally, I find it hard to believe that El Chapo, who is in hiding, cannot be located. I have a feeling that the “bloodhounds” are not looking in the right places, where he might be found or the hounds’ nasal passages are being blocked. I believe that Shorty has enough pesos and influence to have bought off, or scared off, those who might be looking for him. Those Mexican drug lords don’t fool around; if you don’t play their game, then your family can start making funeral arrangements for you. Just for the record, the “games” they play are not patty cake, hop scotch or checkers.

While on the subject of El Chapo, the Mexican government is deep into an investigation to find out if the prison guards assisted Shorty’s escape. Gee, do you think so?!? When the noise of a lawnmower or a leaf blower can be heard three houses away on an early Saturday morning and no one heard The El Chapo Excavation Co. dig out a mile long tunnel that had electricity, rail tracks and a motorcycle to whisk him away? Are hearing impaired guards hired in those facilities? They have to be blind too!

Perhaps The Donald is not completely accurate when he says that the worst lawless Mexicans cross the border into the United States. There are plenty more to stay at home and become El Chapo flunkies. It really seems useless, costly and futile to hold elections for president of Mexico when in actuality, the country is run by vicious thugs like El Chapo.

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