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While we Constitutional conservatives are celebrating an American Hero, Hillary is moaning, groaning, whining, gnashing her teeth and weeping. To say nothing of the RINOs! There’s a lot of “gnashing of teeth” going on in Washington now.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see headlines extolling The Donald’s popularity. It is an upset, a landslide, a groundswell, a turnover…He is a veritable phenomenon! No one expected this. It’s being called “Trump Mania”…and rightly so!

Every blog I’ve participated in, hundreds of ordinary people complain, kvetch, bitch, beef and gripe about the very issues he has his sights set on to change. Average people want a voice in government but did not know how to attain it. They were lost, isolated individuals who know what is right and know what is wrong but they had no direction. All of that has changed. We now have the possibility of acquiring a leader who will take us where we want to go. A leader who will right the wrongs, listen to the people and above all, adhere to the Constitution on which our nation was formed.

Many people with whom I’ve spoken, have said that the most pressing problem this nation faces is the open borders that allow illegal invaders to come into the country in droves. No one, in the past has addressed this problem nor has there been any action to quell the tide. Trump is correct: A great many of these illegal invaders are criminals and continue their criminal activities on our side of the border. Our jails and prisons are filled to overflow with our own criminals and felons…why would we want to bring in more to cause added  harm to the law-abiding citizenry?

The responses that are being received in regard to his Phoenix speech, show that the ordinary citizens are yearning for a strong, supportive, wise, tough leader. We want and need a leader who stays within the boundaries of his  position, listens to the people, deals well with foreign governments, maintains a strong military and who will stick to the Law, the Word and the Letter of the Constitution.

Incidentally, I hope there’s a good barber in the White House.

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I'm 100% American w/ Italian heritage. I'm proud of both but glad my Italian parents chose to hop that boat to the USA! Fluent in English, Italian & pig latin (JK), Pretty good in Spanish & not so good in German. Interested in sewing, garment designing, home decor & politics. Used to be a LLL (lunatic liberal lefty) but Beesting helped me to get on the "right" team.

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