Drones –Why Amazon is Right & Others Should Follow

Drones –Why Amazon is Right & Others Should Follow

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos starts his High Order Bit presentation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that many consider drones just another invasion of privacy and I agree that they will be used that way. That does not preclude the possibility of using them for good. Like any other tool, it is the use that defines whether it is good or bad. And while I do not particularly like the idea of drones flying over my home all the time, when I weigh the advantages against the disadvantages, the first outweighs the second by a wide majority. The weather outside made me start thinking about this today. It is icy covered with a layer of snow. The traveling conditions are terrible and will probably get worse. The need for people to get out and about, even though they have prepared, increases by the day. Stores will be either closed, or if open, their supplies will be extremely low on the most needed items.

If Amazon, or other retailers had drones available, they could deliver emergency supplies to those in need, as well as restocking supplies for those who just want to be prepared. Emergency workers would be able to send drones out to survey downed lines and decide what is the most urgent when it comes to repair, without risking the lives of the workers any more than needed. Police could survey road conditions without the need of driving on them. Pharmacy’s could provide needed medications, and with the increased online Physician’s network, it would help those who are ill, to get the care that they need without the added danger of a trip to the hospital or a Doctor’s office. If farmers and ranchers had drones available, they could check on the health of their stock, and even supply them with needed food in emergency conditions.

And while I am sure that there are many who have considered how they could be benefited from drones, while others just see them as an intrusion on their privacy. We really need to consider the pros and cons, and decide if  the benefits that we could have, outweigh the loss of privacy. Personally, I would rather have a company like Amazon or Walmart, be able to deliver food, or even heaters to those who would rather not, or simply can not get out, that I would have them suffer because they don’t have the option. Whether we like it or not, drones are here to stay and better to think of ways that they can be used to benefit people than to try to outlaw them. I think that Amazon should go even further and build more distribution centers and use helicopters to supply them. Walmart has distribution center scattered throughout the US and in other countries as well. If they used helicopters, they could not only service the centers easily, they could also provide a way for the people who work there to do their jobs without worrying about being out on bad roads.

So, I have given some of the reasons that I think that drones can be a great resource, what is your opinion?

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