Korean War Memorial The Column.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia, public domain.
Korean War Memorial The Column. Image courtesy of Wikipedia, public domain.

The “Cold War”Korean War aka The Forgotten War June 1950 – July 1953 

“Wedged between America’s biggest war, World War II, and Vietnam, our longest war, Korea sometimes gets overlooked. That’s unfortunate. Because much needs to be remembered about the conflict that began 50 years ago this June. Even before World War II had ended, the United States and the former Soviet Union, previously allied against Nazi Germany, had grown increasingly suspicious of one another’s motives. The “Cold War,” as it would later be known, gained momentum in 1946 and 1947 with a series of local conflicts in Eastern Europe, Iran, Greece, and Turkey. The Berlin Crisis in 1948 in particular led many to fear a major East-West conflict was unavoidable…”


TO READ MORE ABOUT THE KOREAN WAR and its timeline, go here.


I hope that those who like myself was born after the Korean War will enjoy this journey upon which you are about to embark as much as I did and as those who were already hopping, bopping and a-rocking and/or out there on the lines fighting for our nation, I hope that my compilation meets your expectations thus bringing back good memories.

Starting with the USO, my first presentation, in my view, is the most famous USO visitor to our troops of all time. She is the late, great, beautiful and ever so talented Miss Marilyn Monroe who on February 16, 1954 along with her husband, Joe DiMaggio took a detour while on their honeymoon in Japan to entertain our troops in Korea.




  Marilyn Monroe, Korea, 1954


“…Later Monroe recalled that the trip “was the best thing that ever happened to me. I never felt like a star before in my heart. It was so wonderful to look down and see a fellow smiling at me….”


Who can forget this famous but timeless photograph of Bob Hope taken during his visit to Korea?


 Bob Hope with troops at Womsan Korea, October 26, 1950. Photo by Cpl. Alex Klein, U.S. Army. Public domain.
Bob Hope with troops at Womsan Korea, October 26, 1950. Photo by Cpl. Alex Klein, U.S. Army. Public domain.

Hope was just one of many celebrities who donated time and effort to visit our troops in Korea. In the following All Star Korean War Newsreel Footage are Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna, Francis Langford, Hitler And Aide, Joe E Brown, Walter Pidgeon, Edgar Bergen / Charlie McCarthy, Jack Haley, Gary Cooper, Una Merkel, Debbie Reynolds, Al Jolson (Filmed 9/18-19/1950), Edward G. Robinson, Keenan Wynn, and Fred Astaire (Dancing) among others.



The following songs are a compilation/medley of 1950’s rock n roll, doo-wop, country and jazz, some of which came after the Korean War. Nevertheless, I hope that it serves those who served us well and brings back some pleasant memories of what has become known to many of us as the good old days.









We thank those who served during the Korean War for their service and their sacrifice this Memorial Day.  We thank their families, friends and loved ones as well for the sacrifices made on our behalf and ask that God bless you all. Source:  Marilyn Monroe, Korea, 1954 QuarterMaster Corps   Images Gift of David Geary

Links: http://www.npg.si.edu/exh/marilyn/intro.htm



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