Coup Congressman Wants to Be Able to Imprison Trump While In Office

Democrats want to overturn the election and put the President in prison. The special counsel appears to be on board as he creates a crime with which to charge the President. The so-called offense is an unimportant campaign finance violation woven by Robert Mueller out of whole cloth. Currently, Justice ...
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  From an interesting 50-minute discussion between Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro last month, while discussing common backgrounds in California, Carlson made the offhand comment, “We’re both elites”. Well, as a matter of fact, they are. Only do they know what kind?….for there are several types of elites in a typical community; social, political, economic, ...
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Far-Left Migrant Army Demands Entry or $50k, End to Deportations

The invading migrant army marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana on Tuesday demanding reparations. These are the kind of people who should move in with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Two separate groups of illegal immigrants from Central America demanded that President Donald Trump either let them in the ...
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The Mexican Caravan humanitarian crisis – make those responsible pay!

Preying on many unsuspecting and innocent people from Central America, the Progressives have reached a new low. Make those who enticed many of these poor souls to abandon their homes, promising them a safe and an easy passage to the promised land – in this case the United States, ...
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Portland is a Sh*thole

In case you were wondering about the city of Portland, Oregon. Published on Nov 28, 2018  by Paul Joseph Watson Portland: Capital of Antifa, degeneracy and depression. Thanks to Brandon Farley for video footage. Go subscribe to his channel: ...
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Dems Have a Plot to Take Free Speech Away from Corporations & Corner GOP

Far-far-left Vox reported on the latest from the House Dems who are plotting against Republicans before they even take over. They won’t do anything good for the United States. Their goal is to make the GOP look bad and a new bill they are planning is a good example of how ...
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The people behind the Mexican “Caravan”

Emma Lozano, Exec. Dir. of Pueblo Sin Frontera
Just who is behind the so-called Caravan? A Communist. No big surprise. And we knew they were coming again. Last April a dry run of a so called “Caravan” of illegals headed our way. Yet Congress did nothing. After all Paul Ryan has always promoted open borders. But that ...
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Angela Merkel Admits End Goal — Nations Must Give Up Sovereignty,

Angela Merkel finally admitted her end goal. She wants European nations to give up sovereignty to the EU, according to the Express.  Last month, she said ceding power to a superstate is a better form of patriotism. Obviously, she is trying to change the meaning of the word ‘patriotism’. She told ...
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