March 12, 2017

Grumpy Educators

Our youngest and most impressionable remain a target

Betsy DeVos wins. Will Common Core and data mining end?

CHICAGOLAND: HS teachers wear hijabs to discuss Trump immigration actions

Until there is a consensus on purpose there will be dissatisfaction with public education

University of Tenn-Knoxville employees use school resources to lobby against Trump

Devos Confirmation Postponed

Character Education Lesson for Inauguration 2017: Diversity of Thought/Political Beliefs Not Allowed?

Who’s afraid of Common Core and who supports it? Questions for leaders.

Denied an Education on Account of White Race

Karma: Student PII Data Mining Concerns Coming Home to Roost for Dept of Ed Bureaucrats

“How” Rude – Pretend Indian Sen Warren Displays Disgraceful Conduct

Fourth graders in Michigan banned from watching Trump inauguration speech