See Part I, and keep in mind this national 2016 election map
2016 presidential election results red and blue map
and my “319 Square Miles” synopsis of how Hillary nearly stole the other 3,796, 681 square miles of America had it not been for the Electoral College.
There is much to be pondered.
Beginning with where Part I left off, being lied to by the media: Let’s get this first principle clear. Just because they’ve been lied to doesn’t necessarily mean people will turn ABC, CBS, NBC off or cancel their subscriptions to the print newspapers of their states, or even the New York Times or WAPO. I’d wager that nearly half of the visits (clicks) to their political news and commentary, much of which is misleading if not out and out lies, actually are from people on our side, because most of those people in the red states now know that it’s in our interests to know what our enemies are doing. How better than to note what the Media is telling their followers. Curiosity? Even opposition research? But certainly not edification. E.g., I no longer pay attention to “National Review” but do follow some of their writers. Click-counters may count me as a fan. I’m not.
This is the Media’s existential dilemma in general.
The biggest mistake by the Left and the Media is its still clinging to the notion that the great unwashed out here, while not stinking up Walmart (per Peter Strzok) are really stupid.. We are really quite well-read and informed.
Ancient rules still apply as to how we pass around our information to another. It’s a complete mystery to the Media and Left even though, at one time, they were part of the process. They are mystified how a PhD mathematician named Dr Logic at Missouri State and Ma and Pa Kettle in Chitwood, just outside of Joplin can agree, line item by line item, about a news event. Surely they don’t both read the same news commentaries and go thru the same analytical dot-connecting process to reason things out.
The Media will never ask Dr Logic, or the Kettles, to walk them through how they work things out, man-in-the-street style, for they assume the lesser is simply parroting the greater. (That’s how they see their own tiny universe.) Besides, the last thing they want to advertise is that Ma and Pa might actually be able connect several dots…something virtually no liberal arts graduate can any longer do.
In the Media’s orbit they have all sorts of outreach aimed at various education levels, and a supportive social media who plays their music. From my dalliance with liberalism as a young man, I knew its best selling point was in its exclusivity; a tasty fruit higher up in a tree, but which could only be reached by climbing a ladder only provided by special people, in those days in the English Department, later Law School. If they’d had membership cards they would have been bannered, “Don’t be like those other guys!”
Today, the Media-Left wonder, “How can the lesser minds of Ma and Pa Kettle Land ever connect with the greater minds if they don’t share at least one common denominator?” No one on the Left, their bastard Libertarian brethren, and even many putative “conservatives” can’t picture Ma and Pa holding martini glasses, chatting with the Van Stuyvesants at a gallery opening. But neither can they picture Dr Logic beer-belching at Slim’s Catfish House with the Kettle kinfolk[…]

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