#AlabamaAbortionBan Time For #RoevWade To Be Overturned And Given Back To The States

#AlabamaAbortionBan Time For #RoevWade To Be Overturned And Given Back To The States

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t was a nuclear bomb on America by a Supreme Court decision when it was passed, and has not dissipated over 50 years. It has certainly changed minds along the way, as I am one who changed her mind. My mother was a “feminist” in the 70s, and raised her daughters to believe it was their right to slaughter their unborn children. Having had two sons I can tell you the moment you see the sonogram you know you could never kill those babies. The Alabama law which is the strictest in the country should be, it the right of those citizens to decide if murder in their name is right.

“My message for the national media is in Alabama, we value life,” Ainsworth said. “We took a strong stand, and we’re going to fight for basically a child that cannot defend itself. I think — what’s interesting to me is you’ve got all this push for, you know, about rights. Yet, they don’t want to defend the most defenseless. I think we took a stand for life and I really believe this — if you look, my generation now, 40 and under — you look at us, and you look at the technology — even with moderates or liberals are starting to get where it is a life.”

“I think one of the Democrats if I remember right — [Malika] Sanders-Fortier is not for abortion,” he added. “And she’s a younger Democrat. So I think what you’re seeing that they really believe just from technology that this is a life. I’m confident that over time, that this will be the majority of people will say this is a life and we’ve got to make sure to protect it. I really believe that.”

While in New York State they aren’t even charging criminals who kill a pregnant mother with the baby’s life[…]

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