Silent Sam Vandals Get 24 Hour Sentence

Silent Sam Vandals Get 24 Hour Sentence

Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon

Silent Sam torn downTwo of the four protesters who vandalized and pulled down the Silent Sam statue on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus in 2018 were given a 24-hour jail sentence.

Lauren Aucoin, Shawn Thomas Birchfield-Finn, Jonathan Fuller, and Raul Arce Jimenez were each charged with misdemeanor inciting a riot, defacing a public statue or monument, disorderly conduct, and injury to real property.

Jimenez and Birchfield-Finn were found guilty, but instead of a possible 45 days incarceration, Judge Lunsford Long sentenced them to just 24 hours in jail, with an additional 18 months of supervised probation, and 250 hours of community service.

The pair also was handed a $500 fine and ordered to pay court costs.

Of the sentences, Judge Long said: “There have to be consequences.”

The charges against Fuller and Aucoin were dropped. Judge Long indicated there was not enough evidence to support their presence at the incident.

A fifth person, Margarita Sitterson, was also charged in the Silent Sam case but her case was not heard with the others. Sitterson, who was a UNC freshman at the time of her arrest, is the granddaughter of a former UNC Chancellor J. Carlyle Sitterson (1966-1972)[…]

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