Approaching Event Horizon

Approaching Event Horizon

While I am not always a fan of Alex Jone’s Infowars and I don’t agree with everything that he says, I stand by Jones’ first amendment right to say whatever is on his mind.  At times, I even suspect that Jones might be on to something.

Progressives, correction Communists (call them by their names), if you can believe it, have become even more unhinged.  Is it the awareness that they are on the wrong side of history and the clock is ticking away not in their favor?

Fellowship of the Minds by TrailDust

Impending Action on the Swamp

screenshot Alex Jones Infowars

White House Confirms Trump Plans To Dismember The Deep State

I don’t often give ear these days to Alex Jones, but this time I am listening. Why am I listening? Because I also noticed that Hillary has emerged again in fighting mode after a long period in hiding. Alex may have the correct explanation. 

Hillary has been very hard to find for a while, but has now come out with an outrageous(er) accusation against President Trump. She is now openly calling for criminal prosecution of the President. In the mean time, Trump has been flipping one Deep State operative after another to move all his forces into place for an all-out take-down of the criminals who have been abusing the nation for a long time[…]

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