Code Pink, Fellow Marxists Face the Ire of Anti-Maduro Venezuelans for Occupying Venezuelan Embassy

Code Pink, Fellow Marxists Face the Ire of Anti-Maduro Venezuelans for Occupying Venezuelan Embassy

Once again, the disgusting and politically correct aka Code Pink find themselves on the wrong side of history.

For several weeks, the Marxist dingbats at Code Pink have trespassed, correction occupied the “abandoned” Venuzelan embassy in Washington D.C. in support of Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro.  The official left-wing talking points is that they are resisting President Donald J. Trump’s position on Venezuela:

“Venezuela is under attack. As US empire applies various violent tactics to destabilize the nation, a group of activists stand in the way of the war machine by holding space at the Venezuelan embassy.”  Source:

Code Pink dying a slow, irrelevant death and while doing so are fighting to go out in a blaze of glory.  Not happening! For the record, there are several resistance organizations backing the invasion of the Venezuelan embassy building, i.e., Anwer Coalition and Popular Resistance are two mentioned on Twitter.

The response to Code Pink’s trespassing has not been received well and the backlash is fierce, particularly among Venezuelans in the United States familiar with the suffering, pain and death of Venezuelans under the dictatorship of Maduro.

Pro-Guaido Venezuelans rallied in front of the embassy against Code Pink’s ignorance, lack of Venezuelan credentials,  invasion of the embassy and support of Maduro.  They are also demanding the non-Venezuelan organization leave the embassy immediately.

The Epoch Times by Janita Kan

This week, a group of demonstrators, many of whom are born in Venezuelaand are against the socialist regime, gathered in front of the embassy, demanding that the Code Pink activists leave.

“Those people right there, they’re not Venezuelan. They don’t have a passport. They don’t have our IDs,” Clemente Pinate, 32, told Fox News. Pinate said he was from Venezuela and came to the United States when he was 12.

Another pro-Guaidó demonstrator said, “We’re here today to denounce the trespassing of Code Pink. This is a property of the people of Venezuela. It’s an asset of the nation, and the nation is now facing a transition—a transition to democracy”[…]

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In the meantime, the State Department is well…doing business as usual:

The U.S. State Department has labeled them as “trespassers” and has encouraged them to vacate the building, according to a statement.

“The Venezuelan government, led by interim President Juan Guaidó, has legal authority over the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C.,” the spokesperson said told the news broadcaster, adding that, “We encourage the remaining unauthorized individuals to vacate the building and to conduct any future protest peacefully and through legal means….”

Oh brother.

In the meantime, Code Pink is behaving about as badly as Maduro’s colectivos aka militia thugs and Marxist community organizations in the United States. Their response to protesters is violence.

As usual, leave it to the left to bring the stupid.

Exposing the hypocrisy that is Code Pink.

Code Pink = Nicholas Maduro’s whores.



Code Pink, Roger Waters, the singer of System of a Down, the American congressmen, the Communists at the embassy in Buenos Aires, the people of hands off Venezuela. Do they care about Venezuela and their people? No, Venezuela is simply another flag within its ideological struggle


As not reported by the pro-Maduro media complex, Venezuelans do not stand alone.


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