McConnell says he will fight socialism, but many Americans want it

McConnell says he will fight socialism, but many Americans want it

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell promises to be the grim reaper of socialism and has declared his opposition to Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

“Are we gonna turn this into a socialist country? Don’t assume it cannot happen. It will all be in the hands of the voters of this country next year,” McConnell declared. He added, “If you share my view, and I hope you do, that that’s not what we want America to be like in the future, let me tell you this…. if I’m still the majority leader of the Senate, think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that stuff is gonna pass. None of it.”


The AP interviewed Independents, Democrats, and Republicans about their attitude towards socialism. The ignorance about the danger is appalling and the apathy of independents is alarming.

The reactions of Democrats and Independents are indifference and a complete lack of awareness on those. They couldn’t be further apart from the Republicans…


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