Commies Freak Out Over U. S. Border Patrol’s Program to Fingerprint Illegal Alien Children

Commies Freak Out Over U. S. Border Patrol’s Program to Fingerprint Illegal Alien Children

Border Patrol agents process a group of migrants apprehended near the border. Source: USBCP

U. S. Customs and Border Protection has announced its pilot program in which illegal alien children will be fingerprinted using a biometric fingerprint scanner shortly and Progressives, correction Communists who have no problem with American men, women and children being biometrically scanned which is a violation of our Fourth Amendment liberties are besides themselves.

Human traffickers, coyotes and drug cartels recycling illegal alien children is still not enough for the party that does not value the life of a newborn or baby in the womb.  Should we be surprised?

The only question not asked is how much Progressives are profiting financially on the bodies, blood and souls of illegal alien children?

Sarah by Lawrence Richard

The Left is flipping out over a new pilot program launched by the United States Customs and Border Protection as it involved fingerprinting illegal immigrant children.

The program, as BizPac Review reports, is designed to protect these children from smuggling operations which often occur across the border by Mexican traffickers.

According to Chief Border Patrol agent Anthony Porvaznik in Yuma, Arizona, traffickers, and smugglers pair these children with adults who seek access across the border. These children are then recycled and used again.

Here’s more on the program, via BizPac Review:

Prior to stepping down from her post earlier this month, former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warned that smugglers were “recycling” illegal alien children by sending them back across the border into dangerous territory so they could be used to help illegal alien adults gain entry[…]

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