Rosenstein Slammed Comey & Obama Admin, Beat Up the Press

Rosenstein Slammed Comey & Obama Admin, Beat Up the Press

DOJ Deputy Rod Rosenstein gave a private speech Thursday night and swiped at the Obama administration. He also slammed ex-FBI boss James Comey. The retiring Deputy Attorney General frequently praised President Trump as he has in other speeches.

This was his first speech since the publication of the Mueller report. He criticized the Obama administration’s real-time reaction to Russian hacking and its decision to “not publicize the full story” to the American people.

Well, gee, Obama did tell Putin to “cut it out.” That must have had ole Vlad shaking in his boots. As for the selective leaking, it’s a winner for Democrats.

Rosenstein, who was speaking in New York at the Public Servants Dinner of the Armenian Bar Association, defended his handling of the probe and criticized former officials in the process. He spoke positively of Trump’s commitment to the rule of law and criticized the press.


The deputy AG called out former FBI Director James Comey for alerting Congress about the investigation into Russian collusion at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign.;

“The FBI disclosed classified evidence about the investigation to ranking legislators and their staffers,” he said. “Someone selectively leaked details to the news media. The FBI director [Comey] announced at a congressional hearing that there was a counterintelligence investigation that might result in criminal charges. Then the former FBI director alleged that the president pressured him to close the investigation, and the president denied that the conversation occurred”[…]

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