Know nothing Hogg gets an education from Africom

Know nothing Hogg gets an education from Africom

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In response to a news report and map from Yahoo News — which stemmed from a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed 36 separate U.S. military operations on the African continent — Hogg tweeted, “Alexa, what does US military imperialism look like?”

The man-child is very ill-informed and is woefully lacking in research skills. He looks at these bases and sees imperialist control.

Of course, that isn’t true at all. A spokesperson for U.S. AFRICOM responded to the Washington Examiner after Hogg made the claim.

“What’s most important to know is that our command is dedicated to assisting partner nations in their efforts to bring stability and security to their people,” Major Karl Wiest explained to the Examiner.

“We view our mission through a whole-of-government lens, and strive to enable capable, responsive African governments that serve the interests of their citizenry,” Wiest continued[…]

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