The Border Crisis Is A Money-Making Machine For Smugglers

The Border Crisis Is A Money-Making Machine For Smugglers

While Communists and comrades in the deep state media complex demand access to President Donald J. Trump’s tax returns, I say let us focus on the elephant in the room, i.e., the assets of every politician, ex-bureaucrat and deep state goons  blocking the President’s attempts to secure our borders along with the organizations and fake religious organizations in the business of refugee resettlement.

Moreover, be sure to do a deep dive into the assets and from whom they were acquired of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s refugee resettlement network which includes “over 100 diocesan offices across the country and in Guam and Puerto Rico.”

Enter the town of McAllen, Texas now overwhelmed by the influx of illegal aliens and but one of many towns along the U.S.-Mexico border and beyond on the brink of collapse as a result of the illegal alien invasion and the failed open door/money grubbing pigs profiting from the crisis.

El Paso Border Patrol agents intercept a large group of migrants Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Flickr)
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Flickr)

Below is an excerpt of an article written by John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist:

Editor’s note: This is the written testimony of Federalist senior correspondent John Daniel Davidson, delivered before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The Migration Pipeline Is a Vast Money-Making Machine

No discussion of the border crisis is complete without noting that, from the moment Central American migrants cross Mexico’s southern border and begin their journey north, the entire process is a massive, multifarious, black-market, money-making machine.

A complex network of smugglers, corrupt local officials, truck drivers, landowners, lookouts, loan sharks, and Mexican drug cartels exert absolute control over the migration flows through Mexico and have, over the past decade or so, refined it into a lucrative business enterprise. Although exact figures are unknown—and likely unknowable—any back-of-the-envelope calculation will give you an idea of the amount of money changing hands along the migration pipeline.

For example, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said last week that the agency was on pace to apprehend more than 100,000 migrants in March. Assuming each migrant pays, on average, $4,000 for safe passage over the border, that’s about $400 million—just for those apprehended crossing illegally in March. When we talk about the migration pipeline through Mexico, we’re talking about an international smuggling industry worth billions[…]

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You can read Davidson’s full testimony last week before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security titled “Unprecedented Migration at the U.S. Southern Border: By the Numbers.” here.


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