Creepy Joe Biden gets no pass for being “handsy” or “old-fashioned”

Creepy Joe Biden gets no pass for being “handsy” or “old-fashioned”

Wow! Magazine by Bookworm Room

Conservatives who resent the Left’s making men toxic are erring when they speak out for Joe Biden. He’s a garden-variety creep and predator, and deserves to be taken down.

Now that the Left finally has its sights aimed at Joe Biden, I’m seeing a lot of conservatives, along with old-line Democrats, come to his defense. I get why: Years of watching the Left chip away at every cultural value, in true 1984 fashion, means that conservatives feel compelled to man the barricades hollering “Stop. Leave something of our culture.”

One of the important aspects of our culture, back in the days when “normal” meant something, was the fact that not every interaction between men and women was rape or sexual assault or harassment or toxic masculinity. One of the signs of normality was that, even though people were less sexually promiscuous than they are today, there was also a more natural ease of social intimacy.

What the Left is doing is not normal. Instead, it’s created a situation that’s like a fun house, reverse mirror image of the Muslim approach to sexuality. Muslims, rather than cultivating a normal balance of sex and sexuality, opted to label women as entirely toxic and then locked them in rooms or swathed them in burqas to protect men[…]

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