Ye Venal Slaves be Gone!

Ye Venal Slaves be Gone!

Nebraska Energy Observer by NEO

I was reminded by Nick Kastelein writing in The Spectator Australia that Newt Gingrich wrote this describing the American government, “as a machine that was designed to be so inefficient that it’s amazing that anything can get done. Between congress, the senate, the judiciary, the presidency, the states, the constitution, the parties, and the people… everyone has levers to pull to make their voice heard and to prevent any one element from tearing the system down. It galls me, as an engineer, to say this—but its inefficiency is its strength.”

He’s right, that was the genius of the founders, everybody has their levers to pull, and their microphones to yell into, and always far more gets said than gets done. It’s government designed for people who need little government, beyond somebody to keep the currency more or less honest and guard the border.

England’s (growing incrementally into the UK’s) government is far more of a democracy than America’s. Parliament acting with the PM can do bloody near anything, or not do anything. Apparently, that includes selling out the people of the UK to a soft (for now) foreign tyranny against the expressed will of the people of the UK[…]

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