#NCED Updates – Pay Rankings, Another Strike, Ed Bills, And Turnover

#NCED Updates – Pay Rankings, Another Strike, Ed Bills, And Turnover

Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon

This installment of #NCED Updates includes the latest state teacher pay ranking, another union-led strike coming in May, various education bills of note, and blips from the teacher turnover report.

NCED UPDATES LL1885Teacher Pay

Let’s start with a history lesson:

In 2009,  Democrat Governor Perdue and the Democrat-controlled legislature furloughed state employees and both cut and froze teacher pay.

Perdue said at the time “Everybody is willing to give up a little of their salary.” Teachers gave up, on average, around 15.6%  of their salaries, yet there were no protests in the streets of Raleigh and the NCAE was silent.

The Republicans took over the General Assembly in 2011, they had to deal with massive debt left behind by Perdue and her party in the legislature. North Carolina ranked 47th in the country for teacher pay at that time according to the teachers union, the NEA.

Remember, the NEA creates their ‘national average’ pay rate based on what other states are paying and that average it is not weighted, does not adjust for cost of living, nor takes into account the value of benefits packages, bonuses, deferred compensation, teacher experience level. In other words, it is a set of rankings ideal for the NEA’s purposes of driving up pay rates and thereby increasing their dues[…]

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Editor’s Note: 

Please be sure to check out A. P. Dillon’s articles at North State Journal and The Tennessee Star’s Battleground State News.  Thank you.


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