CRISIS at the Border! 3700 Lawbreakers Caught in ONE DAY!

CRISIS at the Border! 3700 Lawbreakers Caught in ONE DAY!

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Contrary to what you are hearing, not all of these people crossing our borders illegally are good people and many are grifters, many will be dependents, many will join gangs, and most will be on welfare. The cartels — criminals — come in with them and are now sending large busloads in daily. There are also six caravans on the way and they are enormous.

Yesterday, CBP caught 3700 in one day. All of those people, whoever they are, will be released. The gangs make sure there are a lot of children so we have to let them in and release them. Almost all are from the hellholes of El Salvador (a narco nation), Honduras, and Guatemala. We are getting their most vulnerable and most dangerous.

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Last week, DHS announced that they are out of room at detention centers, and therefore will be RELEASING hundreds of illegal migrants caught at the border each day into the US, simply ordering them to show up later to start their deportation or asylum cases.

They released 24,000 and dropped them off at buses in a couple of weeks time. That was after they released 87,000 the month before. Most don’t even have ankle bracelets and they take them off anyway[…]

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