Illegal Alien Invasion Exists, Violent Crimes Follow and a Body to Prove It.

Illegal Alien Invasion Exists, Violent Crimes Follow and a Body to Prove It.

Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens

If you happen to be one of tens of millions of Americans who follow the events and recognize the perilous threat to the lives of legal immigrants, illegal aliens and Americans whose lives are snuffed out (no pun intended) and destroyed as a result of the endless illegal alien invasions as propped up and existence denied by the establishment, media and comrades and politicians looking for a new voter base, then it is you who are, as Progressives claim “woke,” but just not by their definition.*   Read on…

Below is a news report of because of it as a result of those profiting from this massive attack on our nation, then here’s another report that while unsurprising will most certainly blow your gasket (no pun intended).

The Illegal Alien Invasion does Exist, Violent Crimes Follow and a Body to Prove It.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas, age 16
Jacson Pineda-Chicas, age 16


The victim, Jacson Pineda-Chicas, age 16 year old, now deceased member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) of Jacson Chicas of Falls Church, Virginia whose remains were found alongside a road in near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Virginia on March 9th.

Chicas’ remains which had been dumped alongside the road. He is believed to have been killed one day earlier elsewhere.  The only chance of identifying Chicas who at the time was an unidentified male would be the arm tattoo (photo below) posted to Facebook by the Office of Stafford County Sheriff. of a “’shushing’ female with a finger over her lips and a blindfold over her eyes and ears.’ Deputies likened it to the adage: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Can You Identify? Photograph of arm of victim found dead Office of Stafford County Sherriff Office Facebook page
Office of Stafford County Sheriff/Facebook)


According to the mother of Jacson Chicas, her son was forced to join the MS-13 in El Salvador which is why their family fled the country unaware that in the United States, there is no escaping MS-13. [my emphasis on the latter].  Chicas it is believed want to extricate himself from the grips of MS-13.  Unfortunately for the teen, breaking away would not come about without dire deadly consequences.

To protect his family while attempting to extricate himself from MS-13, Chicas moved from his mother’s house to the home of Ordonez-Zometa MS-13 gang leader, located in Prince George.

Allegedly Murdered by Associated MS-13 Clique

Chicas mother informed NBC that the gang accused her son of talking to the police and threatened to kill his family. The teentold gang members to kill him instead of his family.”  This discussion between Chicas and his mother may have been their  final exchange as Chicas prepped for the meeting according to his mother. Chicas knew that he was about to be murdered.

“He had to take knives to defend himself, and screwdrivers,” she told the station. “He had razors and he told me, ‘Mom, I’m going to defend myself with them, but it’s not going to be enough.'”

Last weekend, the teen’s remains was found in a wooded area near Fredericksburg.  Police believe that Chicas was killed in the home of MS-13 gang leader, Ordonez-Zometa, mentioned above two days earlier during a gang meeting that went wrong (or as scripted). [again, my emphasis on the latter.]  He was stabbed more than 100 times, driven to the location where his body was dumped, and his remains set on fire.

During the investigation, police detained several suspects who led them to a home in Prince George.

Case solved.

As reported by the politically correct Washington Post so as not to offend, upon execution of a warrant and entry into the home, according to police, it was obvious that a crime had taken place in the home.

The police have arrested five suspects are:

Jose Ordonez-Zometa, age 29 MS-13 gang leader (Photo Prince George's County Police Dept)
Jose Ordonez-Zometa, age 29 MS-13 gang leader (Photo Prince George’s County Police Dept)

Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20 of Annandale VA Photo Prince George's County Police Dept
Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, age 20 of Annandale VA Photo Prince George’s County Police Dept

Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, age 18 Photo Prince George's County Police Dept
Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, age 18 Photo Prince George’s County Police Dept

Christian Martinez Ramirez Photo Prince George's County Police Dept
Christian Martinez Ramirez, age 16 of Falls Church Photo Prince George’s County Police Dept

Jose Hernandez Garcia Photo Prince George's County Police Dept
Jose Hernandez Garcia, age 25 Photo Prince George’s County Police Dept

They will probably be charged with first-degree murder, other related charges and as an adult, as well they should be.

As reported by S. Noble of Independent Sentinel:

…The police have not addressed their immigration status but almost every MS-13 is here illegally. This is what open borders has done for the USA. We too can be a third world hellhole.  Thank a Democrat! They deserve the most credit because Democrats and their judges have mandated open borders[…]

And so, I ask, how much more blood of legal immigrants, illegal aliens and most importantly of all Americans must be spilled and lives snuffed out at the hands of invaders bogarting their way across U. S. borders, the country and into our system, lives while destroying our values and quality of life?

According to Border Patrol via Conservative Review, Christian Martinez Ramirez, Jonathan Castillo Rivera and Kevin Rodriguez Flores entered the country as unaccompanied minors who made it into the hands of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  Sometime after, each was released to an alleged family member.

Jose Hernandez Garcia and Jose Ordonez-Zometa were released as adults.  All five were considered refugees from El Salvador.

Had Enough Yet?

Know The Joke Is on Us

Conservative Review

…Sadly, the American people pay for the rope to hang ourselves with by resettling these people as refugees. Places like Long Island, N.Y., North Carolina, Maryland, and northern Virginia have been flooded with gang activity since the Central American teens began coming in large numbers in 2014. And 98.2 percent of all Central American teens who came in fiscal year 2017 still remain in our communities.

If it weren’t so tragic, the irony of this invasion would be funny. We are told that these people are fleeing violence. In reality, violence in Central America has plummeted, coinciding with the skyrocketing of migration. …

President Donald J. Trump is correct, “they are not sending us their best.”

See also:  ‘A ticking time bomb’: MS-13 threatens a middle school, warn teachers, parents, students by Houston Chronicle.

Our politicians, lobbyists, the deep state, comrades in the media complex, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, big corporations, the refugee industry and both parties have abandoned the interests of this nation, its people while taxing us to death in pursuit of their own agenda.



*To stymie the discussion on illegal immigration, an invasion which if not put down promises to overtake this nation, the appeals to its base with words such as “woke,” a label bandied about to supposedly announce that one is aware of an unjust situation that they must to be challenged. But as usual, the terms and labels bandied about by these ideologues have no relation to the term or its definition.

“Woke” does not mean what many think it does, and as applied by Progressive ideologues, it’s nothing more than a dog whistle, intended to obfuscate rather than enlighten.

The result, of course, are the hundreds of thousands of useful idiots who buy into trickery because ideological leaders have for their own agenda “revised,” correction “reversed” the definition of “woke,” by their intent and through their actions.

I speak of their ill-founded call for open borders as proven by the loss of life, victims of crimes, loss of jobs etc. courtesy of the left’s lack of “wokeness” which even the ideological jerk, Trevor Noah, for his own reasons, now admits is “ridiculous.”

H/t Robert Trent.


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