Oscar Night! Petty, Weird, Obsessed “Beautiful People”

Oscar Night! Petty, Weird, Obsessed “Beautiful People”

Nasty leftist comedian Bill Maher thinks the right-wing is jealous of the lefties and that’s why we don’t join them and adopt their crazy ideologies. So, tell me, do you envy this strange person wearing man-lady clothes? He’s a leftist, one of Bill Maher’s beautiful people.

A number of people on Twitter thought the stage last night was deliberately made to resemble Donald Trump’s hair. How could we not be jealous of these odd people and the self-congratulating narcissists they adore?

The insanity of the left is on full display when they are this obssessed, which is all the time now.

The male CNN host in this next clip said he needed a “cold shower” after a Gaga duet and “he just got pregnant.” Of course the right-wing are all jealous because the left are so smart and so superior to the right, as Bill Maher would say[…]

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