MSM Must Have Forgotten How Evil ISIS Is, They Want a Terrorist Back

MSM Must Have Forgotten How Evil ISIS Is, They Want a Terrorist Back


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in no uncertain terms that the ISIS terrorist Hoda Muthana is not a citizen and cannot return to the United States. Her father has sued. The Constitutional Law Center for Muslims filed on his behalf and CAIR is out doing PR for her, along with the U.S. mainstream media.


In the lawsuits, the terrorist bride’s father is claiming she is a citizen.

To that, Pompeo dismissed the idea of letting the “non-citizen terrorist” return, telling Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that her claim has no “legal basis.” Hoda Muthana renounced any citizenship she might have had to join ISIS. She was an active ISIS member and told jihadists in the United States to kill Americans on our patriotic holidays.

It was then-president Obama who decided she wasn’t a citizen.


CNN, ABC, and The New York Times have been unapologetically running sympathetic stories about Hoda Muthana.

ABC’s James Longman did an interview with Hoda Muthana as she held her baby and he did it to humanize her.  The NY Times explained that she’s sorry. The only reason she’s sorry is that ISIS has been blown away and there is no place for her to go. The Times posted a photo of her looking like the Madonna and child.


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